Mechanisms of Work during 2012/2013


- Providing an appropriate number of training labs at the University and its faculties.

- Establishing an infrastructure of networks for all training labs and linking them with the University's network by coordinating with the Digital Information Network Project.

- Completing the internet courses for all the University's faculties by coordinating with the E-portal Project.

- Completing the courses of automating the administration for faculties' employees by coordinating with MIS.

- Adding specialized training courses to the matrix of training to serve the various disciplines of faculty members.

- Increasing the number of training in the advanced and specialized courses for faculty members and their assistants.

- Addressing the President of the University to approve that the passing from training programs in the field of IT must be considered a condition to promote some employees.

- Accrediting the main training lab of the Project from Microsoft to be (Microsoft IT Academy) to grant trainees an accredited certificates from Microsoft.

- Expanding in the training activity to include students and the surrounded society of the University.